WiFi module


A modern age necessity! The WiFi connection is an additional option that saves the user’s time and makes everyday life easier.

Through the WiFi module and the “4HEAT” application, which is supported on both Android and iOS platforms, KEPO pellet boiler users can easily correct the already set parameters on the boiler.

In addition to turning the boiler on and off and displaying the current status of the boiler operation, this option offers other advantages:

  • e-mail notification that there are no more pellets,
  • change of boiler operation mode,
  • time adjustment,
  • error cancellation,
  • sending a direct e-mail to technical support, notifying them of the need for servicing,
  • boiler operation diagram, etc.

In the demonstration video, you can see the listed boiler control functions. You can download the “4HEAT” application on the App Store and Google Play, depending on whether you have an Apple or Android device.


The WiFi module is used for the wireless communication between the user and the boiler, via the Android application and WiFi connection. It is only necessary for the user to have a WiFi router in their living quarters and an Android mobile phone.

Connecting the module is very simple, and it connects directly to the boiler electronics. The guidelines for installing and connecting the user’s WiFi router to the wireless communication module can be found in the User Manual that came with the device.

After connecting the module to the boiler, it is necessary to download the “KEPO” application from the Google Play Store to your mobile phone. Upon launching the application after installing it on your phone, you need to enter the USER NAME and PASSWORD, which can be found in the User Manual for the WiFi module.

By using this application, the user has the ability to control the following boiler functions:

  • turning the boiler on and off
  • adjustment of boiler operation power 1-5
  • checking of all potential boiler alarms
  • checking the current status of the boiler, i.e., current operating mode (ON/OFF, current water temperature, Cleaning Final)


For all additional product information, feel free to contact the Technical Service of Kepo d.o.o.


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