Kepo pellet boilers with power 20kw

Kepo pellet boilers with power 20kw

100 m² - 160 m²

When choosing a pellet boiler, the first thing you need to know is what boiler power you need for the space you plan to heat. To determine the boiler power, several factors should be taken into account, such as the heating surface area of your facility, its insulation (roof, floor, walls, doors, windows, etc.), central heating system assessment, set indoor temperature, or average outdoor temperature during winter. All facilities are different, and so are the needs of their users. This implies that a heating professional has to calculate energy loss, assess existing installations, and, based on that, determine the boiler power that best suits your facility.

KEPO 20 kW pellet boilers are recommended for heating surfaces from 100 m² to 160 m². They do not require a lot of space in the boiler room because they are compact. Their dimensions are 1280 mm (height) x 665 mm (width) x 830 mm (depth). The capacity of the integrated pellet tank is 62 kg. Pellet consumption ranges from a minimum of 1.37 kg/h to a maximum of 4.56 kg/h.

We also offer the KEPO COMFORT and KEPO PELECTRO models within this power range.

You can find more details about these models on the Pellet Boilers page.


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