Flue pipes for pellet boilers and stoves

Flue pipes for pellet boilers and stoves

A wide range of flue pipes for pellet stoves and boilers gives you the freedom to combine and adapt to any on-site situation.

In our product range, we also have steel flue pipes for pellet boilers of the following diameters: ø80×1.2mm, ø100×1.2mm, and ø120×1.2mm.

The pipes are protected by a special, chamber-baked black coating, resistant to temperatures of up to 300°C.

In addition to the precisely made incisions for connecting the pipes, additional security at the joints is provided by silicone rubber bands. This ensures a quick and easy assembly and disassembly.

KEPO flue pipes are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations and have a CE certificate issued by TÜV RHEINLAND.

In case you have any further requirements, we will be happy to meet them and respond shortly, in accordance with our capabilities.

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