KEPO pellet boilers are an ecological product made with an attention to detail, years of experience in quality workmanship and, with an exceptional finish and numerous innovative technical details, they are sure to provide you with a high level of comfort in operation and the safety of a warm home.


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The quality of our products is guaranteed by the 40-year long tradition of our company. KEPO pellet boilers are made of high-quality materials and represent an efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and comfortable way of heating your living or business quarters.

Through years of market presence, our boilers have established a reputation of reliable and modern partners in heating for your homes, and our customers have proven themselves as loyal associates, satisfied with our outstanding service support.


In our product range we offer 3 models of pellet boilers. Get to know their features and choose the one that suits your needs.

KEPO COMFORT models are high-quality pellet boilers that have been present on the domestic and foreign markets for many years. They are characterized by operating comfort, reliable operation, low consumption… More Info

Inspired by the market which, in addition to wood, also offers agro-pellets, as well as by the desire of users for as few responsibilities concerning boiler operation as possible, we decided to create KEPO ENERGREEN… More Info

KEPO PELECTRO is an innovation both on the domestic and European market. It is a combined pellet and electricity boiler with integrated electric heaters that can be used alternately with pellets… More Info


Our network of distributors is spread throughout Serbia, with the aim of providing our customers with a high level of assurance when shopping, allowing them to see our products and resolve all their doubts regarding the purchase of our boilers on the spot.

All distribution centres have organized Repair Service Departments, so our customers have professional service support at their disposal at all times.

In addition to the 60 retail stores that are available to you for information about our products, you can also contact the company’s headquarters in Kosjerić every working day from 7 am to 3 pm.