About Us

About Us

KEPO is a brand with a tradition of over 40 years.

We started our business with the design and installation of central heating systems, in time we moved on to the production of individual parts of these systems, and after thirty years of doing business, we completed the production circle by advancing to the manufacture of pellet boilers. Today we offer a wide range of products that ensure the safety of a warm home in cold days for our customers.

Our driving force has always been a combination of experiences and innovations that have been exchanged between fathers and sons through generations.

It is our mission to keep playing a significant part in the warmth of your homes for years to come.

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Family craft shop KEPO whose main activity was the design and installation of central heating.


After 10 years of experience, with the infusion of new energy, KEPO grew into a company for the production of copper fittings.


For the next 15 years, KEPO continued to enrich its product range with new products. Stainless steel chimneys, systems for the repair of dilapidated chimneys and flue pipes for pellet stoves.


KEPO rounded off one segment of the central heating system with the production of pellet boilers, at the time exclusively for the Italian market.


Three years later, our pellet boilers have been introduced to the domestic market, where we recorded great success. Production was based on compact boilers up to 25 kW of power, with outstanding characteristics, the use of quality materials, innovative technical solutions and quality finishes.


The product range was supplemented by a 35-kW boiler, of the highest level of quality, conforming to the European standard EN 303-5: 2012, class 5.


We continued with the modernization of our production plant with the addition of the most current series of CNC machines and cutting, bending and welding devices.


We redesigned and improved the technical characteristics of KEPO COMFORT Models.


The new KEPO ENERGREEN and KEPO PELECTRO Models were added to the product range.


We are in tune with the latest global trends and we are continuously raising the level of quality of our products by introducing innovations in the field of heating. We strive to provide our customers with a modern ecological product that meets their heating needs, ensuring maximum comfort and rational energy consumption.

In addition to the CE Certificate confirming the quality of the product, KEPO has also implemented the ISO 9001 Standard in production, thereby rounding off the complete production process. This proves the company’s ability to produce quality products, but also to control its processes through independent accredited certification bodies and their professional staff.

In addition to the CE Certificate and ISO 9001 Standard, there is also a Declaration of Conformity confirming that all technical regulations have been met, that we have all the necessary documentation on product testing, thereby taking responsibility for product safety.